Across the shire

“Any bad day can be fixed by driving country roads, windows down and music turned up.”

—Country Thang
Craigievar Castle, Aberdeenshire

Hubby and myself went for a drive this afternoon. We love going for drives (and picnics) in the countryside—it’s something we do quite often.

We stopped to admire Craigievar Castle from the other side of the valley today. It’s situated in a gorgeous location, and is quite fairytale-like in appearance… and yes, it is a pink castle.

Anyone else love visiting the countryside?

The Darling Buds of May

“Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May”.


We’ve had all kinds of weather here today – sunshine, rain, wind, hailstones… it’s been a right mixed bag.

The garden plants are doing their best to bud and flower, but there seems to be a right ol’ struggle between spring and the weather this year! Everything seems to be taking it’s time to flower. At least on this side of the shire that is.

On the other side of Aberdeenshire, trees are already blossoming and garden flowers and shrubs are looking beautiful. Must be something to do with it being a tad warmer inland.

New Aberdour (Aberdeenshire)

Sheep grazing in a turnip field
Poppy Cross pictured at St Drostans, New Aberdour

Visiting a few old photos from a couple of years ago. Remember stopping at St Drostans church on the outskirts of New Aberdour and taking a look around. This is an interesting site and it’s located in a really beautiful spot looking out across the North Sea. As I remember, there were pirates graves in this graveyard with skull and bones engraved on their tomb stones. Some of the stones are very old and covered in lichen making it difficult to read the inscriptions, but it all adds to the old charm of this ancient site.

A little background history

“St Drostans has, in fact, got a very significant history in that it was established by St Drostan when he landed at Aberdour shore in the 6th century A.D. St. Drostan had parted from St. Columba with a view to bringing the gospel to the north east of Scotland. Aberdour is therefore, a fountainhead for Christianity in Scotland”. —Aberdour Church of Scotland St Drostans Cemetery

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