Lock down journal - 2020

Week 5 – lock down in 850 words!

We are currently at the end of week 5 re: lock down here in the NE of Scotland, and at home we are trying to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible given the circumstances.  Constantly washing our hands; shopping every 3 weeks to cut down on contact and travelling; plus disinfecting shopping before storing it away in cupboards and the fridge is not something I imagined myself doing at the start of the year…. in fact I’d have dismissed such as downright absurd!

And if anyone had said the shops would be rationing toilet roll, soap and flour, I’d be thinking they had some sort of crazy going on – seriously!  But this IS real and it IS life as we know it at the moment…. and it all feels rather strange.

I usually enjoy food shopping and tend to shop at least twice a week for fresh meat, vegetables and the likes; but now I can’t wait to get straight back home – and no loiterting!

Food shopping at present is made all the more difficult by people using the supermarkets as places to chat thus blocking the isles and making it difficult for people taking covid-19 seriously to shop safely.  Whilst it’s good to chat, supermarkets are definitely not the place to socialise at the moment and we all need to be mindful of this; such is perhaps difficult because we are after all social beings, but necessary never-the-less until we’re advised otherwise.

Front line heroes

My heart goes out to people working in food chains plus all other essential workers; they are required to go out and work shifts, but those that don’t need to go out shopping every • single • day should stay at home and consider our front line workers because this virus is deadly serious.  We need our front line workers to keep society functioning, so it’s important we keep them safe too – right? 

Those others of us should be grateful that we can at least go outside and exercise daily adhering to social distancing.

 “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday.  —Anon

Our routine

Through it all, hubby and myself have been sticking to a routine.  I get up around 6 am and let the dog out; hubby gets up not long afterwards – just like in pre Covid days.  Did I really just say that?

Quality time together

It’s been really fine spending a lot of quality time together during lock down; hubby and I certainly don’t get nearly as much time to ourselves when he’s working, so we’re appreciating these times together.  So many people are in the same situation, so we don’t complain but rather we’ve decided to make the most of it and on the whole, it’s been pretty serene!!! 😉 😵 😉

Keeping ourselves occupied

We are fortunate with having recently moved house that there’s plenty of things to do both inside and outside to keep us busy what with gardening and decorating.


I’ve been doing plenty ‘everyday’ things when I’m not helping hubby, e.g. Bible study, cooking, cleaning, reading, washings, etc., and I’ve been spending a little time on social media checking in on family and friends…. as well as making and receiving phone calls.

Fake news

I don’t listen to the news as much as I used to, but I do tune in to listen to the Government’s daily updates at 5 pm each day just to know what the latest news and strategies are for our country (and also to learn how other countries are faring).  I stopped reading the news online ages ago because I found it a total waste of time and energy trying to differentiate between fake news and factual information.  I reckon it’s better to get the news “straight from the horse’s mouth” so-to-speak and not second-hand with added bells on!

Baking.… yummy!

On a positive note, hubby and myself made bread rolls for the first time a few days ago; and I made delicious carrot cupcakes last week but they didn’t last very long in this house.  We enjoyed them in our morning tea breaks and then again for pudding at dinner time.  Much as they were really fine, I don’t think I should bake any more!!!  Betty Crocker – thank you very much, but my waistline says otherwise, lol!!!  And I really must cut down on tea drinking….hubby says I’m going to end up springing a leak!  Never thought I had a drink problem to be honest, but I’ve definitely been drinking a lot more tea since lock down!

What have you been up to?

Are you falling into a routine?  Are you still working?  Have you come up with some novel way/s to pass the time?  I’d love to hear.

In the meantime, count your blessings every day – it really helps maintain a positive mindset and in the meantime, stay safe and well everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Week 5 – lock down in 850 words!”

  1. I found such peace in reading this post. I’m happy to hear you’ve been able to create a new, sensible, productive normal for yourselves. I especially love your last image.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Nadeen. We’ll get through this. I think I’m appreciating things a lot more these days…. especially the little things. Stay safe xx


  2. This is beautifully written Wendy and such lovely images. I agree with Nadeen, it was so peaceful to read. I love hearing how you’ve built a routine for yourself and how you’re focusing on the positives. It’s so important and we’re trying to do the same. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some days I need to keep myself in check Jillian. When I focus too much on what’s going on around the world, it can become quite overwhelming trying to comprehend, but taking life one day at a time is best. Life is so precious. I hope any who haven’t quite grasped this yet will come to understand such.

      Stay safe Jillian xx


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