Lock down journal - 2020

Week 6 – lock down in 1009 words!

We’re currently at the end of week 6 re: lock down here on the NE coast of Scotland and just like last week, we are endeavouring to keep things as normal as possible.


At the start of the week, I went to the supermarket and bought the usual essentials…. fresh chicken, meat, bread, milk, margarine, cheese, flour, eggs, pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables, toiletries, etc.  After loading the car, I headed straight back home; I’d normally visit a few other shops whilst in town ‘under normal circumstances’, but these are not normal circumstances at the moment. 

My ‘new’ shopping routine

At home, the task of unpacking begins and anything that can be washed with washing-up liquid gets set aside to do so; whilst anything that is boxed but contains food item/s in an inner plastic wrapping, e.g. cereals, teabags, biscuits, etc gets emptied straight into containers and stored away appropriately.

Re: fruit and vegetables – I only buy these items already pre-packed so I can safely discard the wrapping and empty them straight into the veggie basket or fruit bowl without having to worry about contamination; hubby and myself are not keen on frozen vegetables so once all the fresh vegetables from my current monthly shop are used up, I’ll order some more from a local supplier and have them delivered to the house.

Making a shopping list

Throughout the month, I make a list of food items as soon as I notice they’re starting to run low; I definitely don’t want to forget anything when I go shopping.

Following the above process requires that I only need to shop once every 3-4 weeks thus cutting down on travelling to and from the nearest town.  My formula may not work for everyone, but it works for us, plus I feel I’m doing my bit to “stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives” which the government and health authorities are strongly encouraging.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem everyone is adhering to the advice and guidelines.  Lol, don’t get me started, ah-hem…..moving on….!


I know many key and front line workers can’t stay at home and I cannot commend them highly enough for the work they are doing keeping everything flowing as smoothly as possible for the rest of us.  They have no choice but to go out to work despite the risks they face daily.  I pray they keep safe and well—it’s the least I can do for them—that and staying at home (apart from essential travel).


My Labrador is having a field day with my slippers at the moment.  He’s full of mischief and forever stealing things.  It’s his way of getting attention and right now he’s wanting his dinner!

A few days ago, he stole a pair of pants from the laundry basket and did a victory lap around the garden with them in his mouth much to the amusement of a passer by!  At least he makes us smile (and others too) bless him. 😊

I almost forgot to mention….

…. hubby’s done a lot of work in the garden these past few weeks and it’s really starting to take shape.  We still haven’t decided where to plant our heather (see below), but I’m sure we’ll find somewhere nice to do so.  I’m really fond of heather and would have a lot more heather plants if hubby would allow me!!!  Another favourite plant is lupins, but hubby isn’t as fond of them unfortunately.  I think they’re a fab border plant and help to give borders height and structure.  My dad grew lupins in the garden back on the west coast and I’d love to do the same in his memory.  Dad had white, purple and pink lupins, so they’d definitely go with the colour theme we have chosen for our garden, i.e. red, pink and white (for the most part that is).

Heathers 2 (1 of 1)

Hubby made a raised vegetable bed at the beginning of the week; he recycled wood from a shed platform that was already in the garden and made the raised bed from this and it looks great!  He wants to grow salad kit, plus a few other choice veggies as well—and seems we’re not the only ones doing this—I’ve heard quite a few other people mention online that they’re likewise considering growing their own veggies!

We inherited a small greenhouse when we bought our new house and we have half a dozen tomato plants growing out there as well at the moment.  Added to this, I ordered a couple of 10 litre potato growing containers a few days ago because I fancy growing baby potatoes which are delicious.


Something I’ve noticed since lock down is that I’m struggling with the desire to pick up my camera!  I know I’m not alone because I’ve noticed lots of other photographers on a certain photography forum saying the exact same thing.

I enjoy being out in the countryside amongst nature and taking the time to look for beauty in places where it often goes unnoticed; however, I’m unable to do that just now due to the Covid-19 lock down.

Appreciate where you are in your journey even if it’s not where you want to be.  Every season serves a purpose. —Anon

Instead of wallowing, I’ve set myself the task of recording a written summary of lock down each week here on my website.  I’ll add the odd photo as well but I’m not putting pressure on myself to photograph lots of pictures – unless my enthusiasm for such returns that is.  The  photos on these particular posts will not be my usual fine art style – rather they’ll be more-or-less ‘normal’ and non-arty, lol! 

How about yourself – are you missing some of the things you did pre-Covid 19?  Do you have other things to do in place of such at the moment to pass the time?  I’d love to hear, so please feel welcome to pop a reply on the comments section below if you like.

In the meantime, until same time next week, stay safe and well! 

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2 thoughts on “Week 6 – lock down in 1009 words!”

    1. He was indeed Ann. I remember the water pump under the small bedroom window filled with snowstorms every spring. After that, it wasn’t long until the rest of the garden burst into flower.

      Dad loved roses, and peonies roses. We have a peonie rose plant here in our garden and hoping it grows as well as my dad’s. It seems to be growing but no flower heads yet. Maybe a bit early.

      Stay safe xx

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