Lock down journal - 2020

Week 8 – lock down in 823 words

The X-Factor  The R-Factor

We used to tune in to the TV to listen to the results of the “X-Factor” each weekend, but now it’s been replaced by the “R-Factor” (i.e. the rate at which Covid-19 is spreading) plus a very different set of results!

Scots received news today that our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon is loosening certain restrictions which were imposed on Scotland at the beginning of the Covid-19 lock down.  From the 28th May, people in Scotland are allowed to visit parks and golf courses for recreation—although we are strongly discouraged from doing so outside our own home areas!  We are also permitted to meet up with one person out with our own immediate household (outdoors and not inside our homes) whilst still adhering to social distancing measures, e.g. a friend or relative.  

It’s a welcome start to a “new normality” which will no doubt continue to change as time evolves; it aims to continue protecting lives and the NHS whilst at the same time aiming to kick-start the economy which is vital for the nation.  It’s a difficult balance for politicians and economists to strike, and they need all our prayers for guidance from God in the days and years ahead to be certain.

Community kindness

Where we live, the villagers are very kind and thoughtful leaving homemade tablet, lots of home bakes and fancy pieces at the front door.  We are very fortunate to live in a close-knit community and whilst people are kind and look out for each other, they are not intrusive.

“Just for a change”

One evening, hubby announced at the dinner table that he really fancied a nice fish pie for supper “just for a change”.  Unfortunately, I only had fish with breadcrumbs in the freezer; so imagine our surprise when the very next night we were gifted a beautiful tray of fresh fish and hubby got his wish for a fish pie dinner the following evening! ☺

We rise by lifting others. —Robert Ingersoll

Acts of kindness really help to lift your spirits and make your day—and never more so than in these days.  It’s nice to know you’re on people’s minds as well; but it’s also sooo good to be on the giving side too.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. —Winston Churchill



This past week, I baked 36 red velvet cupcakes with buttercream icing plus 12 lemon cupcakes with lemon buttecream filling. I packaged them in pretty boxes and delivered them to various doorsteps ringing the bell and stepping back appropriately. It was so good having a short blather before returning home. Not speaking to folks nearby has been so difficult for us all. 😊

A few days later, the following note was tucked inside our letterbox which really brightened my day!

Lettuce Eat Healthy

We had a lovely meal delivered from Lettuce Eat Healthy last weekend.  Hubby thought he’d treat me to a meal that I didn’t have to cook myself (which was very welcome).  The meal was delicious and we really enjoyed it.  We definitely recommend Lorraine at LEH’s lovely fresh cooked meals which are available for home delivery at weekends.

The joys of Internet shopping!

Fence paint 

We ordered ‘dark oak’ fence paint over a month ago from a well-known store on Amazon.  The paint arrived (finally) but not in the colour we ordered.  Gaaa! 

We’re still waiting to hear from the company a week later but they aren’t responding to phone calls or emails…. frustrating!  We went ahead and ordered more paint elsewhere and it arrived really quickly this week allowing us to get on with painting our garden fence which desperately needed a fresh lick of colour 👍

Picnic bench 

We left our picnic table at our last property and have really missed not having one at our new home—especially so in the good weather and with BBQ season having started—so we ordered a wooden picnic bench last week via Amazon.  The table-top part arrived but two other boxes containing the adjoining seats plus fixtures and fittings were missing!

Anyway—long story short—the seller promised the two missing boxes would arrive by courier today; however only one box turned up this afternoon!  {{ Sigh }} 😕

Internet shopping will NEVER replace going into an actual shop as far as I’m concerned.  I enjoy browsing the shops and checking items before purchasing them; however in the current lock down climate we have no choice but to turn to the www. for items.  Roll on the shops and centres being allowed to open to the public again; I really don’t believe I’ll ever take such for-granted (as I previously did) after the current pandemic is over.

Serenity Circle – monthly project

This past week I also captured some photos in my back garden for the “Serenity Circle”.  I’m sure you will agree—we could all do with a slice of serenity in these strange and uncertain times—plus don’t you love having an opportunity to peek into someone else’s life briefly through their beautiful words and images?  

Some of the photographers in the group are hobbyists (like myself) whilst others are professional photographers.  Countries represented in the group this month include Scotland, France, Calgary, and the USA.  

You can find out more about this collaborative photography circle by visiting: the Serenity Circle – May 2020. 

Well that’s pretty much it from me this week; but what have you been up to?  I’d love to hear.  Please feel welcome to drop me a note in the “comments” below and let me know you dropped by. 

In the meantime, sending you virtual hugs peeps (social distancing and all that 😊).  Stay safe 👍


2 thoughts on “Week 8 – lock down in 823 words”

  1. Hi Wendy, good to see that your lockdown week has been pleasant apart from some online shopping problems.
    I usually have no problems with Amazon and am appalled to hear about your bad luck with them.
    It’s lovely that you live in close-knit community where people look after each other without being intrusive. There is none of that here in the Leeds area where we live. Everyone keeps themselves to themselves; I suppose that’s the way it is in cities. I’m so looking forward to moving away….
    Your baking looks amazing!! I’m trying and like baking, but am not naturally good at it.
    It’s good that life in Scotland is slowly heading towards some normality, just as it is in England. Yes, we do need to continue to be careful not to spread the virus, but we also need to start gradually living normal lives as otherwise there will be nothing left to go back to. It will be bad enough with an economy crisis that will inevitably ensue.
    I haven’t had the best week this past week, even though nothing untoward has happened. Just didn’t manage to do everything I planned; not that it matters that much as there is always next week.
    Looking forward to having a look at your Serenity Circle work.
    Stay positive, well and safe xx


    1. Our bench is now complete! The other parts finally arrived. They’d got lost in transit but thankfully turned up. The bench is finally in situ in the garden 👍😊

      I know what you mean re: not getting around to everything you planned Vesna! Sometimes you just need to accept there will be days like that; things happen or our minds wander onto other things (if you are anything like me) 😂

      I’ve loved taking a peek at your waking routes and all the colours of blossoms you have captured whilst out walking. I can’t tell on the last time I went for a walk in nature or the park or down to the beach. Walking around our village has been our lot and that gets boring quickly. I need nature trails and woodland walks to keep my interest in going or I don’t want to go for walks. Can’t wait until next week when such is relaxed a little, although everyone will have the same idea! May have to go early or later in the evening to such places to avoid crowds ‘cos I think that’s what it’s going to be like!!!

      Hope you enjoyed the circle this month.

      Take care xx

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