Lock down journal - 2020

Week 9 – lock down in 1695 words

Lock down continues….

Social distancing {source – Internet)

We are still in lock down here on the NE coast of Scotland, but as of Friday, 29th May lock down is set to be eased a little for the first time since the 23rd March.

In Scotland we are ‘encouraged’ to wear face masks whilst food shopping plus in areas where there may be crowds and gatherings, e.g. public transport.

I’m more than happy to wear a face mask if such helps reduce the further spread or transmission of Covid-19; however, I’m surprised that wearing a face mask (as and when appropriate) hasn’t been made ‘compulsory’ here in the UK like it has been elsewhere in the world!

I believe the government are depending on the general public using our ‘common sense’ regarding our civil responsibility in keeping ourselves and others safe, but unfortunately I don’t think common sense has been a particularly strong point amongst some members of the public in recent days given the rush to beaches and parks during the recent Bank Holiday both here in Scotland and across the rest of the UK!

Encouraging moments

Yesterday it was so encouraging to hear that Northern Ireland reported “0” deaths over 24 hours in the period of Tuesday through Wednesday. This was great news and a sign of lock down working. However, when the situation reaches ‘a new normal’, we will all have to be even more vigilant and careful until such a time as a vaccine can be produced to stomp out this awful pestilence. Needless to say, we are not out of the woods yet and perhaps still have a very long way to go before any of us can release a sigh of relief—perhaps not something any of us want to hear, but factual never-the-less. We are living in a very different world to the one we woke up to at the beginning of 2020; I believe our Queen would describe it as an “annus horribilis” (Latin for “terrible year”) without question. It still seems very surreal some days and I don’t want to have to get used it, but I know I must…. we all must!

Nature photography

I’m really missing practicing nature photography out in the wide open countryside; the only nature photography I’m capturing at the moment are the flowers in our back garden. I’m sure the neighbours must wonder what I’m up to walking around outside with a bulky 70-200mm lens strapped to my camera; I just hope they don’t think I’m up to anything untoward, e.g. Covid-19 snoop! 😱.

However, no matter how much I miss photography, I know this is but a fraction of the pain many others are suffering being separated from loved ones and precious family members who are fighting for their lives in hospital. It kind of puts things into perspective when you start complaining about the ‘small’ stuff, and we who are not affected in such a way should be truly grateful and humbled. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are fighting to survive this morning and I pray God will give the nursing teams and doctors the strength and wisdom to care for and support these souls (and their families) as best as they can and wherever they are in the world.

A happy compromise

Hubby and myself came to a compromise regarding the cosy corner at the side of the garden.  I had hoped for a spot where I could steal away to read my books somewhere quiet and secluded.  Hubby had other plans for this spot however—he wanted a BBQ area!  In the end, we compromised and decided the corner could serve us both well; I have my reading bench on one side and hubby has his BBQ on the other.  It’s perfect and we’re both happy!

Another corner!

There’s another little corner at the bottom of the garden that will be really fine for sitting somewhere private in the evening sunshine. We’re hoping to develop it—complete with a wooden bench some time in the future (DV) but it won’t be this year. We’ve used up the budget we set ourselves for the garden this year and we’re not willing to go over on it.

Outdoor maintenance

Hubby painted the garden fence this week and it’s looking great. It really needed a fresh coat of paint; the original dark oak paint had become very faded over the years and the fence was covered in a ‘green’ algae; it’s now freshly painted and looks almost new again.

As well as painting (and gardening), hubby also assembled our new picnic bench…. yes, it finally arrived!!! You can read last week’s saga re: the bench here: Week 8 – Lock down in 823 words!!!

Photography challenge

I ‘ve set myself a challenge re: photographing 5 different subjects during weekdays next week. Here’s the challenge:

  • An eye or eyes
  • Bathed in light
  • A pop of white
  • Poster set
  • Raindrop or waterdrop

Documentary course

I enrolled on an online “Documentary” photography course earlier this week; I only wish I’d done so sooner because it would have been really helpful learning how to document lockdown more professionally via photography.

I’m really looking forward to getting tucked into the lessons during my spare time; mind, there doesn’t seem to be much “spare time” with hubby at home on furlough! I seem to be doing a lot more baking, cooking, cleaning and laundry than ever before and by the end of the day—after we’ve walked the dog—I’m too tired to study photography for long and seem to end up falling asleep on the sofa! Perhaps it’s just lock down that’s making me more tired than usual; whatever, I’m in the Land of Nod before 9 pm; and sometimes I go to bed even earlier. Maybe this documentary course is going to take a bit longer than I anticipated, lol!!! 😋

Bookworm (current reads)

I’m a real bookworm and usually have one or two books on the go at any given time. At the moment, I’m reading “On Earth as it is in Heaven” by Warren W Wiersbe (one of my favourite authors). I also use Wiersbe’s “Prayer, Praise & Promises” in my devotionals; this is a book I’ve had for about 20 years but I never tire of it and am onto my 2nd copy of it now (the original became tattered and torn). I highly recommend both these books to students of the Bible, including the Spiritual Warfare Bible (NKJV) for daily reading and study. For light-hearted fun and laughter, I enjoy reading books by the author Barbara Johnston; she’s one funny lady—love her sense of humour. I’m also reading “Stick a Geranium In Your Hat and Be Happy” at the moment (during tea breaks). This is my second time reading this book and it’s just as funny second time around.

I have so many books I love that there wouldn’t be room to mention them all in a single blog post—maybe need to pin up a book recommendation post some time. What book(s) are you reading at the moment? I’d love to hear. Better still—if you were to describe yourself using the cover of a book, what title would it be? Now there’s a question!

Country girl at heart

I head outside early morning (to my cosy corner) and study my Bible whilst listening to the birds chattering away in the trees – sheer bliss! Right now, if you offered me an exchange with a classy penthouse somewhere in London, I’d have to turn it down. I’m enjoying my simple down-to-earth lifestyle here in the NE coast of Scotland. Okay, so I might want to exchange some of the shops, lol, but that’s about it! I’m a country girl at heart and enjoy the ‘village experience’. There’s also a couple of towns nearby and the nearest city is just a 45 minute drive away, so what more could a girl want re: shopping? To tell the truth, I’m not a designer shopper, so the whole ‘London shopping experience’ would be wasted on me; I’m just not a ‘label’s kind of girl…. give me comfy clothing and shoes and I’m happy—but don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting glammed up on occasions just as much as the next person; but let’s just say “designer handbag,” or “camera lens?” Guess which one I would pick? No prizes for guessing!

Compliment from a fellow photographer

About a week ago, I received one of the nicest compliments from a fellow photographer. It really brightened my day. See the caption below…. Thank you so much Nancy!

Kind words are like honey; sweet to the soul and health to the body. —Proverbs 16:24

The effect of good photography

Source – Internet

I don’t normally purchase food magazines, but one in particular caught my eye because the photographs on the front cover were so enticing, i.e. Food Heaven’s: “BREAD – Simple recipes for great results every time” – a special edition by Anthem Publishing. The recipes seem fairly straightforward, and I’m hoping to try quite a few of them as soon as I can source the ingredients, including burger buns which would be great for BBQ’s in the summer.

I’d not normally pick up a food magazine, but the lesson this teaches me is that good photography can be quite powerful re: capturing a person’s attention and evoking a reaction! In my case parting with money to purchase the magazine, lol! Any serious photographer will tell you “their aim is to evoke emotions and responses towards their work” and this food magazine definitely achieved its aim!

I likewise strive to evoke emotion via my photography, i.e. a classic old-worldly, moody feel. A couple of my favourite photographers who achieve this beautifully are Meg Loeks and Sarah Kossack Gupta—they are both excellent tutors and neither hold anything back from their students. I had a brilliant learning experience during each of their online classes and owe much of my learning to these two girls.

The weather’s been amazing!

Source – Internet

This past week the weather as been amazing with lots of sunshine. The temperature has hovered between 14°C – 18°C due to a breeze blowing inland from the North Sea (3/4 miles away) but it’s still pleasant enough to spend outside in the garden all day…. and well into the evening as well.

Today (Thursday) is cloudy and overcast and it’s been raining during the night. I don’t mind rainy days—they’re perfect for hunkering down somewhere comfortable and cosy with a good book.

How do you pass your time during rainy days? Please feel free to leave a short comment below—I’d love to hear from you.

Well that’s my lock down journal updated this week. Until next week, stay safe and well peeps…. and don’t forget to count your blessings every day. XX

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