Lock down journal - 2020

Week 10 – lock down in 1334 words

Last week I set myself a challenge to capture a photo a day from Monday through Friday.

Here’s my list:

  1. An eye or eyes
  2. Bathed in early morning light
  3. Pop of white
  4. Poster art
  5. Water or raindroplet/s

Below, I’ve arranged the photos in the order listed above.

1. An eye
2. Bathed in early morning light
3. A pop of white
4. Poster art
5. Raindrop

Setting myself challenges during lock down gives me something positive to focus and work towards plus it also passes the time.

Cancelled dental appointment (one week before lock down)

Ahhhh! One of my back molars cracked and a fragment of my tooth broke off during the week leaving a gap in my tooth. I was due to have this tooth filled at the dentist the week before lock-down, but the dental surgery phoned to cancel my appointment. Apparently, my dentist went into lock down a week before everyone else, and I respect his wishes re: safety 100%. I’m hoping not to have to attend an emergency centre somewhere in the shire or further afield during the pandemic. Bad enough attending your own dentist, but attending one you don’t know in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic heightens concern. 😬

I know people are finding they are unable to receive dental treatment in the current crisis and some have even resorted to carrying out the work themselves! Guess what? Me too!!! Knowing I had a “small cavity”, I bought some ‘temporary cavity filler’ online “just in case this sort of thing happened”. The local chemist were sold out of their supply a few weeks ago and said they were finding it difficult sourcing replacement stock, so I’m glad I was able to order some online. Hopefully my ‘temporary filling’ will remain in place until I can visit a dentist safely. At least I can drink hot and cold drinks again without such aggravating the root nerve. I didn’t manage a “bonny” filling, but it’s not on view thankfully and when the time comes, my dentist will be able to drill it out and replace it —at least that’s what it says on the item packaging!

Late nights / early mornings

Late nights and my body clock just don’t go well together! I’m an early riser and if I don’t get enough sleep I become very cranky.

Without enough sleep, we become tall two-year-olds! —Jo Jo Jensen

Ha ha….how very true!

How well do you cope without a good night’s sleep? Does a lack of sleep leave you cranky or can you breeze right through your day regardless?

Ease in lock down

For the first time since 23rd March, there has been a loosening of lock down restrictions here in Scotland. Since Monday, there’s been an increase in the traffic on the roads here – in fact it’s not any different to pre Covid-19 lock down—perhaps even busier! I don’t know what I feel about the loosening of restrictions. I don’t know whether it’s far too soon to lift them or otherwise; but I do know this, hubby and myself are not going anywhere unless it’s for necessities; the virus is still spreading at this point and it seems there may be many A-symptomatic carriers who could be spreading the virus unknowingly—so we’re playing it safe and staying put meantime.

British Gas

We had to call out a British Gas engineer to repair our broken down boiler at the beginning of the week. This was the first time since lock down that anyone has been inside our home.


Pre-visit, we received a call from British Gas requesting us to open all the doors leading to the boiler so their engineer didn’t need to touch door handles, etc unnecessarily whilst working in the house; we were also required to social distance (understandably) and advised to clean everywhere the engineer touched thoroughly after he left. No need to ask —everywhere was given a good clean afterwards…. twice over!

The engineer didn’t look very well. It wasn’t warm outdoors and it wasn’t warm indoors either–so if the engineer was perspiring, it was nothing to do with the weather or our lack of heating—he was either hot because he was wearing a face mask or perhaps he was coming down with something! 😱😲 I really hope it was just the former.

Local infections

Given that COVID-19 has infected people in our local area and claimed at least 8 lives in the town 3 miles away, you tend to consider the possibility of everyone you come into contact with as being an invisible carrier (i.e. A-symptomatic). Even the slightest cough, sneeze or sign of a temperature raises suspicion. I guess such is natural in these days, but I don’t want to become paralysed by such negative thinking.

We need to be alert and careful everywhere we go—even in our own homes; but there is no choice but to adapt and learn get on with it, i.e. keeping our minds occupied and busy re: positive thoughts and not dwelling unnecessarily on negativity.

Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. —Reinhold Niebuhr


Baking….Mmmm while it lasted!

Don’t you just love the small of freshly baked goodies?

I baked carrot cake muffins and chocolate cupcakes with hazelnut and chocolate cream icing at the beginning of the week. The cupcakes didn’t last very long—in fact less than a day! I dropped them on the floor and had to put them in the bin. 😱 I’d put the cupcakes into a cake carrier to keep them fresh and when I picked up the carrier to store it away somewhere cool, the top came loose from the container bottom…. and well, the rest is history! What a mess – there was chocolate icing everywhere—I was decorated in it too and had to change out of my clothes into a clean top and bottoms.

Where has the time gone?

Is it just me or has the past week seemed like it’s flown past? The hours seem to melt into days, and the days into weeks at the moment. I can hardly believe we’ve been more-or-less confined to our home and garden for the past two and a half months—apart from essential food shopping or going to the chemist that is (both of which have been kept to a bare minimum).

Perhaps the time has past quickly because we’ve been keeping ourselves busy—hubby in the garden and myself indoors with housework, washings, cooking and tending my hobbies in my spare time.

Website overhaul

I recently changed my website platform from ‘Blogger’ to ‘WordPress’. WordPress suites my blogging and photography requirements a lot better and because my old website domain was due for renewal this month, it was as good a time as any to make the changes. I also opted for a shorter domain name.

Change in the weather

It’s wet and windy here today and definitely not a day for sitting outdoors reading and drinking coffee. After finished the chores around the house, I’m off to study my Documentary photography course; I haven’t as much as looked at it since purchasing it 3 weeks ago! The weather’s been too good up until now to sit indoors and the last thing I’ve wanted to do is study online when it’s sunny outside. The course is perfect for studying on days like today however, and I’m looking forward to starting it.

A record for May

The news reported yesterday that the UK has had the sunniest May since records began.

Image credit – Reuters

Here’s hoping the sunshine returns again soon.

Until next week, stay safe and well peeps…. and don’t forget to count your blessing every day.

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