Lock down journal - 2020

Week 11 – lock down in 1528 words

Pretty Roddiedendrum blossom

Early riser

There’s leaves and lots of small branches scattered all across the back garden this morning—a calling card left behind by the high wind which blew inland from across the North Sea last night. After opening the kitchen windows, it’s even more apparent that there’ll be no morning cuppa in the garden…. it’s just too cold outside! Not the best start to the day, but at least it’s not raining—yet! The forecast predicts rain and high winds late this afternoon…. and it’s forecast to continue for a few days at least.

It’s days like these that I like to hunker down with a good book after the housework and chores are completed, but first things first—I pour myself a cuppa and sit down at the kitchen table. Hubby’s still in bed; he rarely ever gets up at the same time and I’m okay with such because I enjoy some peace and quiet to myself before the day gets going—a little time to gather my thoughts and spend some quality time talking to God and reading His Word uninterrupted.

I’m not ashamed to own my Lord or to defend His cause; maintain the honour of His Word, the glory of His cross.

—Isaac Watts

Kite surfing

Did I mention that we live close to the sea? There’s a long sandy beach nearby and in recent days, we’ve watched kites dip and rise behind the sand dunes which we can see clearly from the kitchen balcony.

I try to imagine the rush of adrenaline the kite surfers must be experiencing—the smell of the sea, the sound of the wind rustling through their kite sails whilst pulling them along the bumpy crests and waves at great speed. Ya, hoo! I could definitely take some of that!

A trip to the vet!

The boyo caught his ‘dew claw’ and ripped the nail badly whilst outside playing yesterday (Monday). After a telephone consultation with the vet and photos emailed across to the veterinary surgery, we were advised to take him along to the surgery to have the nail removed.

Fortunately boyo didn’t need to be sedated for this particular procedure and he was back home just over an hour later wearing a protective collar to stop him licking his wound.

Day 1 – feeling rather sorry for himself

Day one – the boy is not amused! He flits between ‘frowning in disgust’ to pleading to remove the collar using a very ‘sad eyes’ look (like pictured here). He sure knows how to make me feel bad! It’s hard not to give in to that wee face, and I have to remind myself “it’s for his own good”, but I hate to see him wearing this ‘thing’. Still it’s only for a few days.

Day two – the boy’s still banging into doors and furniture but he’s not as bothered about wearing the collar today as he was yesterday. He’s being very sooky though and wants lots of bosies (i.e. cuddles). He’s a big softie at times.

Day three – this is the last day he needs to wear the protective collar. He’s been very subdued these past few days because the collar’s been very restricting for him, but no doubt he’ll make up for lost time when the collar finally comes off. It’s been weird having an unusually ‘quiet’ dog and the peace and quiet has been kind of nice (while its lasted), but I’ve also missed chasing after the boyo to retrieve my slippers as well as him trying to climb up onto my lap when he wants a bosie. Lol, he’s hardly a lap dog, but just try telling him that…. and my knees!


I know I should have photographed the large shrub (above) when it was at its very best a few days ago. Some of the petals are beginning to wilt now. The bush began to bud about 2 weeks ago and is covered in cerise, pink and white flowers. The buds are a deep red / cerise colour before they begin to open out and look like clumps of berries. I believe it’s a deciduous shrub of some kind, but I don’t know what it’s called—if anyone has an idea, please get in touch.

The pitter patter of tiny feet!

Just before lock down on March 23rd, we were told we were going to have a grandchild in mid-October. You can imagine the excitement we felt when we heard the news, but a tinge of sadness too because we cannot congratulate David and Janine in person due to COVID-19.

About a week ago, Janine went for a scan to determine if she and David were having a girl or a boy! Well, the news is out and….drum roll please….

Boy or girl?

Perhaps the ‘pink’ theme in this week’s post gave it away!

Can’t wait to meet those tiny little feet.


I had so much fun baking these lemon cupcakes and decorating them to photograph for this week’s post…. and they taste really good too which is an added bonus!

I’ve been a fan of cupcakes.co.uk ever since it came online. There are so many yummy cake recipes to try on this site, but there hasn’t been a new post in quite some time sadly. Still the recipes are still available and I would recommend a wee peek if you like baking (or eating home baking). There’s some serious ‘eye candy’ there too for all you food photography fans.

A few cupcake favourites:

  • Lemon cupcakes with zesty lemon butter cream icing
  • Carrot cupcakes with butter cream icing
  • Vanilla cupcakes with fresh whipped cream topped with fresh fruit, e.g. strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, pineapple, cherry, etc
  • Chocolate heaven cupcake with chocolate frosting
  • Red velvet cupcakes with butter cream icing

The cupcakes are all very simple to bake and make lovely treats for family, friends and neighbours. I love boxing them up nicely and delivering them as treats. I must needs get some more baked and delivered as I haven’t done so in a while. It’s nice to surprise folks.

Best thing since sliced bread

During the first three months in our new home, my vacuum cleaner took a hammering sucking up wood chips and plaster dust, etc. Hubby promised me a replacement and last week I chose a cable-free re-chargeable battery version. I was a bit dubious about it to begin with…. I’m off the ‘cable’ generation but after a week’s use, I don’t think I’ll ever look back! It’s lightweight, reaches under furniture with ease, no need to plug / unplug it in virtually every room (sheer bliss), takes up much less storage space than my previous dinosaur version and I can vacuum the whole house in half the time or even less! To say I LOVE IT is an understatement. All you hubbies out there—never mind an eternity ring—get your better half a cordless vacuum cleaner, lol. Okay, so she may want to wrap it around your ears, or at the very least give you an ear bashing, but give it a day or two and she’ll absolutely love you for it! ⤵

Disclaimer: you may still need to buy a ring!

How does your garden grow?

The raised veggie beds are beginning to sprout some pretty fine produce. We have quite a few lettuce plants growing away nicely and I notice the beetroot is starting to pop through the soil now too—I LOVE pickled beetroot.

When I was a child, I drank the vinegar juice from a jar of beetroot completely dry. Don’t ask—I have absolutely no idea what possessed me to do such a thing! 😱

Anyway, I had a real scare when I went to the bathroom a few hours later ‘cos the sight of ‘purple wee’ terrified the living daylights out of me! My mum marched me off to the doctor’s straight away when I told her—she thought I had some kind of kidney infection—needless to say, she was totally unaware I had drunk the juice in a beetroot jar right down to the dregs a short time earlier! The doctor must have had a laugh when he realised what had happened…. and mum’s relief quickly wore off because I received a real telling off back at home! I’ve never drunk beetroot juice since and haven’t a clue to this day why I did so back then.

Summer salads

We enjoy lots of salads in summer and having our own salad patch will save us having to visit the supermarket to stock up every few days—something that’s just not happening with COVID-19. We’ll make our own salad dressing and our own potato salad and that’s summer sorted, lol. I’m hoping to have my first potato harvest in a month or so. That’s my two potato grow bags down beside the greenhouse. My sister grew her own potatoes last year and she had a great harvest—so much so, she gave half of it away. I’m hoping for the same too.

Well, that’s pretty much been life here on the NE coast of Scotland this past week peeps. But before I sign off again this week—and since I’ve been sharing on the topic of home grown produce—here’s a simple hack I’m going to try myself: grow your own spring onions. Enjoy!

Hope to see you again same time next week (DV). Please feel free to share something of your past week too; I’d love to hear from you.

Life is full of give and take. Give thanks each day and take nothing for-granted.

—Dana S.

3 thoughts on “Week 11 – lock down in 1528 words”

  1. Hi, Wendy! I’ve been enjoying your lockdown journal. It’s nice to see what you do when you are not taking or editing photos. And I envy you your good writing skills which have taken you further than writing just about photography. As English is my second language I’m not confident or comfortable about my writing and try to keep it short.
    It’s good to be an early riser like you. I must have been born a night owl as numerous attempts to get used to getting up earlier simply ended up in my giving up. I’ve accepted it now and am not trying to fight it any more. Sometimes it’s best if we just accept who we are rather than try to change ourselves.
    Kite surfing sounds like a lovely scene and definitely good subject for photography. Have you taken any pics of it?
    Hope you dogo is much better now. He looks like a gorgeous pet! Our border terrier puppy Midge has had a slight limp on his back leg which has been really hard to get rid of; he’s only just improving now after nearly six months!
    How lovely you are going to be a grandma! So pleased for you!
    Thanks very much for sharing the delightful cupcakes and the website! I’ll definitely try a recipe or two; cupcakes are perfect for me to bake as they are easy and just the right size to have with my afternoon cup of coffee. And yes, they are ideal as little treats and gifts.
    Would love to have garden space to grow my own veg; been thinking of getting an allotment, there is quite a few close to our home, but I think there is a bit of a wait to get one.
    My week has been quiet and pleasant, just how I like it really – a bit of housekeeping, cooking, photo editing, blogging, gardening, reading and dog walking – things that I do every day that make me happy. Could have done with being more out in nature though, but the weather has not been motivating at all.
    Hope you have a nice weekend. xx


  2. So good to hear from you Vesna. I haven’t seen to the beach since lockdown and had planned to go with the Boy but with him damaging his paw, well ave to wait til it’s properly eaked. His collar came off today and he’s done nothing but lick his wound. I’ve still no idea how he managed it. He went out into the garden before bed and came back indoors bleeding. I think it’s possible he caught it in net wiring which hubby put over a small patch of grass to help it grow whilst keeping the boy off, but we can’t be certain.

    I’m enjoying having a more varied website and hoping to learn documentary photography which I op e will prove useful documenting everyday life click on Moms have some good courses too but I can’t justify spending wat they cost at the moment. We’ve so much to do in the house and garden first.

    Hope on enjoy the cupcake site. I ordered plain white cupcake cases from Amazon. Couldn’t find any here. When they arrived, I realised I’d ordered mini cases. You could see ‘re size of them. More like for small sweeties! Had to laugh.

    Hope You are enjoying getting about a bit more. Stay safe my lovely friend xx

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