Serenity Circle – June 2020

Welcome to June’s Serenity Circle.

On Sunday afternoon, hubby and myself packed a picnic basket and headed out into the countryside. It was misty and even drizzly at times, but it was quietly comforting being inside the warmth of the car enjoying the scenery in passing after not having taken a trip like this in so long.

We kept well within the required ‘local’ vicinity (i.e. a 5 mile radius of home) but even so it seemed like another world! I couldn’t fathom if this was because we hadn’t been into the countryside for a good long while or because the weather seemed to drape the old familiar in a protective misty blanket making it take on a totally different appearance and atmosphere—perhaps it was a little bit of both.

Don’t be afraid to go into the mist—be excited because you don’t know where you will end up.

—Sophie Madden

The countryside was so incredibly ‘quiet’ and ‘still’ and in a way it felt as if we’d stepped back in time to when there was much less traffic and noise on the roads and everyone walked or cycled from village to village. It was nice to get a ‘glimpse of a kind’ into what life may have been like years ago (before most people could afford a motor vehicle)…. and I believe I could definitely get used to it—the peace and quiet side of such anyway!

I was reminded of a saying that has been repeated in various places over the past few months and one which has stuck in my mind since hearing it:

In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.

—Dave Hollis

So many of us have tasted a more relaxed and much simpler pace of life in recent months and it’s going to be difficult adapting back to the ‘norm’ we once knew—if such is even possible that is—but perhaps like the above quote by Dave Hollis suggests, we can be a bit more careful about what we choose to include in our new ‘norm’ and what we can leave behind with the old now that we have tasted the difference.

Something else I noticed whilst out on our little jaunt was the foliage was so incredibly lush and green—different variations and shades of green and not just one particular colour.

For still there are so many things that I have never seen: in every wood in every spring there is a different green.

—J. R. R. Tolkien

Whilst writing this post, I decided to do a quick search online re: the colour green and here’s what I found:

  • Many people unknowingly make a connection between ‘wellness’ and the colour green and this is why pharmaceutical companies tend to use the colour ‘green’ on their product packaging.
  • Suicides dropped by 34% when London’s Blackfriar Bridge was painted green.
  • There are over 1,000,000 variable shades of green, although most are not visibly distinguishable to the human eye.
  • The human eye can distinguish between 6,000 various shades of green.
  • Different shades of green have different effects on mood, e.g. bright, zesty and vibrant greens make us feel energized; whereas dark or deep olive tones are more relaxing and soothing.
📌 Just a thought – next time you see different shades of green, make a note of how each shade and tone makes you feel!

Nature’s colours

Whilst still on the topic of colour, have you ever noticed how nature seems to display a different ‘colour theme’ in the countryside each year? Two years ago it was wild pink flowers that flooded the countryside, last year it was wild purple flowers and this year it seems to be ‘white’ and ‘yellow’ flowers which are dominant throughout the countryside. I first began to notice this interesting connection between nature and colour themes when I took up nature photography a few years ago. Nature photography requires you to slow down and take time to observe your surroundings—I believe I would have missed this observation otherwise!

Next we’re heading to Anchorage, Alaska to visit Amy Smith, Photographer and Videographer with her post “Glamping (well, not really, but sort of, in a way…in the best way).” Sounds very intriguing!

About: Amy is a multi-genre photographer who likes to live life to the full. She is a sporty, outdoorsy girl who also enjoys the home comforts of baking, creating, and sharing delicious and beautiful food.  Living in Alaska allows Amy to pursue all of the things that make her “tick”, including being a “mom” to her two young sons whom she adores.

Creating beautiful images of the things she loves and sharing her artwork with others is what photography is all about for this girl.

Amy is also a Clickin Moms mentor and Click Pro Daily Project Contributor…. and more recently she has broadened her skills repertoire to become a mighty fine Videographer as well. Visit Amy with her latest Serenity Circle post and enjoy a slice of serenity Alaskan-style.

About the Serenity Circle:  We are a collaborative group of photographers from various parts of the world—some working professionals, others hobbyists like myself. 

The Serenity Circle represents a wide range of photography genres with the common theme being serenity moments experienced and captured during the past month.  This particular circle was established in April 2015 and is one of the longest—if not the longest—running circle of its kind online.  It was set up by Nadeen Flynn, multi-genre photographer and teacher from Northern California.

The Serenity Circle goes live on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

11 thoughts on “Serenity Circle – June 2020

  1. Wendy – this is fabulous. Your words are so true – the new norm gets to be redefined by us…what a tremendous opportunity. Your color analysis was really interesting and good. So thoughtful. Thank you for the incredible introduction. I need to up my game to fulfill the expectation you present! Hahaha! Great work this month, as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Amy. I thought I’d add an intro to your website and will do the same each month.

      I enjoyed the brief study re: the colour green and thought it would be good to share. Glad you enjoed.

      Take care as lock down eases xx


  2. I love that quote by Dave Hollis. We really need to think about what we let back in to our new “norm”. I am quiet content where I am right now. I don’t need all the hustle in the corporate office. I get my work done in record time, and can actually do some research work.
    I love what you wrote about the color green – wow 34% drop in suicides in huge. I love the color green – to me it is calming. Our living room is actually painted a sage green. 🙂
    Love the images from your country side. So calming and peaceful.


    1. Thank you Iris. Sage green sounds beautiful.

      Yes, I was surprised at the figures that came up in my mini study re: the colour green. It was very interesting.

      Sounds like you are really suited to working at home. Do you think your employer will look at such more closely in your favour after COVID? It would be great for you bring home for hubby too.

      I sooo enjoyed our short country trip. I think England has lesser restrictions on distance but it’s 5 mile radius of home here in Scotland…, we did a circle!!!! We still kept to the 5 miles radius but probably covered 20+ miles in doing so. There was nothing against such in the regulations 😆

      Keep safe Iris and your lovely hubby too. Xx


  3. Such a beautiful collection of images Wendy. I love how you captured the peaceful mood here and I love those wonderful green tones. Those facts about the colour green were very interesting. I see why it’s so commonly used in pharmacies etc.

    A few months back, I read a book called “The Secret Lives of Colour” by Kassia St Clair. I’m not sure if you’ve already read this? If not, you might enjoy it. She examines the history behind certain shades.

    I totally agree with the quote – which parts of normal do we really want to go back to? Here, we have been out of lockdown for over a month and now, you would basically think that it had never happened! People seem to have forgotten how many people lost their lives and what we had to do to slow that down.

    It sounds like you had such a lovely outing. Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂


    1. It’s scary how so many people don’t take Covid-19 seriously or seriously enough. I think it seems very surreal to so many that it’s hard to believe the devastation it has caused unless you have been personally affected by it. But even so, governments worldwide do not close down countries for no reason! Surely that in itself should ring warning bells! Apparently not however.

      Non essential shops in Scotland are opening shortly too. I guess we have to get back to a working economy at some point. I just hope it’s not too soon.

      I haven’t read the book you mentioned, but it sounds interesting.

      Take care and stay safe Jillian. Xx


  4. Ooh, I love the details that you were able to capture on your country drive! I love that Dave Hollis quote–I need to put it on my wall! And green is my favorite color, for as long as I can remember it has been that way. I love bright lime when I’m happy and olive when I’m needing some calm and quiet! So interesting to read all of that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Dave Holland’s quote is definitely one that will stand out in many of our heats and minds looking back on all of this Emily. Olive green is likewise a favourite shade of mine – it’s a very comforting and relaxing colour.


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