Lock down journal - 2020

Week 13 – lock down in 1182 words

Do you find these current times still feel strange? To be honest, three months on and I’m still struggling with how ‘weird’ things seems most days.

It feels like the carefree world we once knew has been disconnected and we’ve been plugged into a different world—one where we need to be vigilant and watch out for an invisible enemy.

This virus is in effect “an attack on all humanity;” there is no other way to look at it; the whole world is laid vulnerable. I believe it was Nicola Sturgeon who said, “things should not feel ‘normal’ during lock down” and she was right; things definitely do not feel normal!

Things haven’t felt normal since my dear mum passed away on 27th December 2017. Life was beginning to take on ‘a new kind of normal’ when COVID-19 struck. Normal….“NORMAL”—the word doesn’t even seem vaguely familiar right now—more like it’s taunting, teasing and treading all over my emotions; but I’m trying to ignore these feelings because feelings cannot be trusted and change like the weather! Instead I’m choosing to hold fast to my faith in the One who never changes—the One who is constant and consistent despite the continually changing COVID climate / regulations, etc. He alone restores the soul (Psalm 23:3)


30-day devotional

I started a 30-Day Devotional on the Book of Colossians by Steve Brady which is really interesting. Each day is laid out over three or four pages, so it doesn’t take long to read (but ages to mull over which is good).

I really enjoy a book which challenges my thinking. This book is part of the Food for the Journey Keswick Devotionals series.

Fathers’ Day

Beautifully illustrated

Hubby was chuffed to receive “VEG IN ONE BED: How to grow an abundance of food in one raised bed month by month” by How Richards on Father’s Day; he isn’t really a ‘book person’ but he reckons this particular book will prove very useful.

The illustrations are stunning and the content is laid out really clearly making it easy to follow. It’s the sort of book that would make a terrific gift on birthdays, Christmas, etc., so if you know anyone who is a keen gardener, you may just want to make a note.

Pink plant

The little pink plant in the purple pot below was originally in a pink ‘jug’ plant pot on our kitchen window. I purchased it in Asda’s a fortnight or so before lock down and it’s flowered over and over since. Ha ha….a bit like a gremlins—pour water on it and it multiplues. But seriously, this little plant has been a real “pick-me-up” during COVID-19 with it’s bright cheerful colour. Unfortunately, it began to outgrow the pretty pink plant pot it came along with recently and didn’t look so good, but hubby rescued it and re-planted it in this temporary pot until it picks up again. In the meantime, I need to source a new ceramic plant pot because I don’t have any the correct size. Any excuse for shopping, lol!

Pink plant

Hubby also grew the little purple and yellow flowers in the background of the photo above from seeds. Apparently the little flowers are edible and can be used as garnishes in salads or on the top of cakes. I honestly never thought they would amount to anything because there were only a few seeds to start with but with lots of TLC we’ve watched them spout and grow. There’s also a few small pots of parsley growing alongside them which he also planted on the same day and they are likewise growing away nicely.


I really wish I’d photographed the back garden ‘before’ and ‘after’ because it’s taken on quite a transformation since the beginning of March. The grass was completely covered in moss and had to be scarified which left the lawn—or what was left of it—yellow and very dry looking! It’s taken two months of re-seeding, feeding, cutting and a lot of TLC to get it looking healthy again. To be honest, I thought we’d have to remove the surface layer and lay new turf which is very expensive, but fortunately it’s started to grow away nicely this past fortnight and we won’t need to [sigh of relief].

Hubby has worked so hard to bring the garden back to life; he’s enjoyed it too which is an added bonus. He says he would have been lost without the garden during lock down and I don’t doubt this at all; I believe he would have gone stir crazy without it!

Busy in the garden

The bookworm in me keeps my mind occupied in my free time—that and photography.

How have you passed the time during lock down? I’d be interested to hear.

Fence plaque
BBQ salad dinner | salad kit from the raised veggie beds
Where we eat al fresco in the warm summer evenings

Renovation work

Today (Wednesday) and the temperature is rising. It’s 10 am and already 20°C outside—way too warm for working in the garden. Hubby has decided to work indoors on the family bathroom instead. At the moment, there’s insulation showing where he removed tiles along three of the walls and where the plaster board needs replacing. Its been like this for ages. It was due to be renovated and tiled the week we went into lock down but has looked like this ever since! We hope to remove the bath and small box shower and replace them with a walk in shower instead. We’re also removing the vanity sink unit which takes up far too much room.

The bathroom’s been like this since March!


I’m finding it difficult staying motivated indoors because there’s still so much to do renovation wise and everywhere there are jobs either not started or half-way completed. I’m one of those folks who gets irritated with work half finished, so these things are making me cringe daily!!! We were right on track to complete everything by the end of April before lock down came into force on 23rd March and blew our plans right out of the window. This is a reminder that we can make plans but it’s not to say they will happen—or when we want them to happen! I’m very much reminded of Proverbs 16:9.

Update: Hubby boarded up the walls with water resistant insulation board today. At least it looks a ‘little’ better, even thought it’s still not very bonny!

The things that truly matter

Whenever I become irksome about the way things currently appear, I remind myself of people much less fortunate who would give anything to trade places and have their health and strength—it’s a sure way to remind me to count my many blessings and put my priorities back in order. Sure thing—a reality check usually does the trick.


Tonight (Wednesday) we’re having a BBQ which we’ll enjoy outside. BBQ’s are mighty fine when the weather’s as good as it’s been today. There’s a slight breeze blowing outside, so it should be really pleasant to enjoy our meal. The picnic table is in a shaded spot in the garden, i.e. under a blossom tree, so we rarely need to put up the table umbrella, but it’s there if we need it all the same.

Well that’s it for another week peeps. It doesn’t seem like a week since I last rounded off my weekly journal, and here I am doing it all over again.

I hope you’ve all had a good week making lots of pleasant memories—even in these unusual times—in fact perhaps even more so during these times. I read an interesting article earlier this evening called 5 Powerful Health Benefits of Journaling. You may wish to check it out. Journaling is a great way of recording memories, and it seems it’s good for you too!

Until next week…..same day and time (DV), look after yourselves and stay safe.

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