Lock down journal - 2020

Week 18 – lock down in 659 words

A new hairdressing experience

Having a haircut wearing a face mask was a new experience! The last time I’d sat my bot in a hairdressers chair was 5 months ago and my hair had outgrown all previous layers leaving it looking more like an 80’s bob at this stage! 😝 Ha ha, at least wearing a face mask hid my embarrassment.

The thought of going for my hair appointment was worse than the actual experience. There were only two stylists plus two customers present at any one time. Chairs, sinks, etc were sanitised before and after each client. It was fine, and even better walking out the door with a new style and looking human again. Hello world! 😘

Mixture of weather

Here in Scotland, we are known for having all 4 seasons in one day, lol. This past week has given us a real mixture of different weather–we’ve had glorious sunshine, strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightening…. it’s been quite some week. It’s felt more like autumn some days and we were beginning to think we’d had our summer back in April / May. Forecasters mentioned it is quite unusual to have such strong winds in the UK during the month of July; however, they also predict warmer weather coming our way towards the end of this week and apparently, some parts of the south of England are predicted to reach 40 degrees centigrade. Hot, hot, hot!

Veggie patch

Despite the unpredictable and unusual weather this month, our veggie patch is doing exceptionally well.

We have lettuce, beetroot, salad turnip, potatoes, spring onions, parsley, tomatoes and radish all growing away quite happily. Next year, hubby would like to grow garlic, leeks and peppers in addition to what we’ve grown this year. He’s really enjoyed working away in the garden in his spare time.

The garden

Lots of the larger plants and bushes are coming into bloom and we’re enjoying the splashes of colour they’re creating…..so different to our last garden which was plain grass.

I love sitting looking out the patio doors and taking in all the lovely colours.

Above: Lavender (foreground); pink roses (background)
The kitchen patio doors look out across the back garden
Lavatera is one of my favourite plants in the garden

Home baking

Every so often I’m in the mood for baking and this week was one of those weeks. Being stuck indoors in the rain for a good part of the week, what else is a girl to do? I baked lemon cake, Madeira cake, and chocolate cupcakes and shared some with our neighbours. Our neighbours are all very good to us and we like to be kind too.

I enjoy baking. These are a few home bakes from this week.

New photography course

This past week, I enrolled on a new photography course called “Shooting to Remember: Capturing the Essence of Where You Are”. My tutor is Mandalyn Gillies and you can view some of her work here: Mandalyn’s IG account. Love Mandalyn’s photography, and love her photography breakout. I’m enjoying it so much better than the documentary workshop I enrolled on recently.


Hubby and myself ordered a shower unit from Victorian Plumbing ages ago and have been waiting for it to arrive since forever.

Our main bathroom is partially ripped out and looks terrible at the moment; we were due to have it renovated the week Covid lock down began and had to cancel. Our shower was due that week for fitting too but it never happened for obvious reasons.

Hubby decided to rip the fixtures and fittings out of the bathroom last week. He already tore down some of the tiling and re-boarded the walls a few weeks prior to this whilst he was still on furlough, so at present we’re having to use our en-suite. It’s okay for now and I’m grateful we have an en-suite or we’d have been stuck mid-renovation with no toilet facilities since the first week of Covid lock down. Eeek….what a thought!

Well, that’s it for this week peeps. Hope you are all safe and well. See you again same day and time next week, DV.

Bye for now.

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