Everyday beauty

“It is an illusion that photographs are made with a camera. They are made with the eye, the heart and head.”

– Henri Cartier-Bresson

Really enjoying the self-paced Everyday Beauty breakout by award winning photographer, Sue Bahen which is live at the moment (as of posting).

This is an amazing opportunity for photographers to discover what Sue looks for whilst out and about in her neighbourhood location (and further afield) capturing ‘found’ still life, street photography, macro and nature images, etc. The breakout is delivered through a series of videos plus a beautifully written and illustrated pdf (100+ pages) to convey all such both simply and clearly.

I’m really enjoying working my way through this course which is perfect for either non-portrait photographers (like myself) or anyone wanting to extend their photography portfolio with a variety of genres. It’s also suitable for complete new-comers to photography and as well as anyone looking for a brand new and exciting hobby. Can I just mention, you don’t need a DSLR camera to take this course. You can use the camera on your mobile phone, so no excuses, lol.

This is not an expensive course ($25.00 which is under £19.00). The breakout is live at present, but will still be available (including a Q&A video compiled during the live run) after the event to purchase. So if you are looking for a unique gift/birthday present/or Christmas present later in the year for a special friend (or yourself) – this is it!

Sue regularly encourages photographers in their growth (both newbies and experienced) over on the Click Community website. You can view her artwork here: Sue Bahen Photography or or check out her account on Instagram.

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