Out and about in the shire

Went for a drive in the Aberdeenshire countryside today. The weather was overcast for much of the day, but we didn’t mind because it was really fine to get away from the norm and visit somewhere different.

Hubby chose a route which took us out into the mountains… it was a part of the shire we had never travelled across before, and the views were absolutely gorgeous.

Next time, I’m taking a wider angle lens with me to capture more of the surrounding countryside. The lens I had with me (Nikon 35mm) was just too narrow and restricting for landscape photography! I took that lens along with me because I had hoped we’d stop at a town somewhere along the route where I could take a short walk-about and capture street photography images. This never happened unfortunately [frustrating].

I’m currently taking a course which covers non-portrait photography. Street photography is a topic covered in this particular course, i.e. Every day Beauty by Sue Bahen. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll manage to get some street photography images captured in time for posting during the live course! [sigh] I need to get myself a car.

Route across the Lecht

At one point in the journey, high on the hillside, we came across these statues. The orange/rust coloured statues have benches inside them where you can sit and shelter from the wind whilst looking out across the panoramic views.

We wanted to go further up the mountain, but the road was closed due to an accident, so we headed back down the winding road… through Inverurie… and towards home.

Despite not taking any street photography images (like I had hoped),I had a really lovely time. You cannot visit such a stunning location and not enjoy it!

Have you ever taken a turn in the road which has led you to a place of great beauty which you never knew existed? I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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