Don’t forget to play with passion

I like to practice photography and try out new ideas, etc., but sometimes I need to put the practice with purpose (aka mindfulness) aside for a while and ‘play’ with my photography instead.

Today was one such day. I was ‘not in the mood’ to capture images which required me to ‘concentrate’ this afternoon, but I did very much enjoy taking the pressure off and messing around mindlessly with my camera instead.

Sorry, I cannot show you these images because they are really terrible and for my eyes only (or rather for my Trash box).

Sometimes creative photographers need to chill and forget perfection.

“All work and no play doesn’t just make Jack a dull boy – it kills the potential of discovery, mastery and openess to change and flexibility, and it hinders innovation and invention.”

–Joline Godfrey

Q. Fellow photographer, when was the last time you ‘played’ with photography? And by such I mean “not caring about striving for perfection, but rather giving yourself permission to go out, relax and click absolute c**p?”. You know…‘point and shoot aimlessly’ kind of stuff?

I would liken it to giving perfection ‘the birdie’ and some days I really need to do just such! Especially if I’m feeling a lack of mojo or frustrated that things are not turning out how I’d like during a shoot. Allowing myself to snap away mindlessly shows me how far I have actually come as a photographer when I compare my mindful images to the mindless ones, and puts paid to any self-doubt I may be experiencing. Sure, mindless photography goes against the grain a bit but it’s also very liberating…

…. you should try it.

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