Don’t aspire to achieve great photography!

Rather aspire to create connections. Photographs with connection have more than technical and visual beauty….they have something undeniably deeper and special.

RIP Queen Elizabeth II

We’ve all scrolled through posts on Instagram and Facebook and liked pretty, aesthetically pleasing images – photographs that are beautifully composed and styled. After we turn off our laptop or stop scrolling our smartphone, how many of those images do we still remember?

How many images touched us by reaching into our subconscious triggering feelings of connection in some kind of way?

It could be the way the light touches a leaf, a certain atmosphere an image creates, or the soulful expression in someone’s eyes, etc. These things stop us in our tracks, making us linger a little longer than we normally would. A deja vu moment or subconscious memory is ignited within us….something that evokes a memory. That’s connection, and it’s not just great photography, it’s special and memorable.

The Oxford Languages Dictionary says:


a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else


worth remembering or easily recalled, especially because of being special

deja vu

a feeling of already having experienced something

Do yourself a favour!

Next time you look for a class that teaches photography—whether online or otherwise—look for one that offers to teach you more than just ‘great’ photography. Great photography can be achieved through training and practice.

Photography that creates connection reaches beyond great photography. It takes great photography and brings it to life! That my dear friend is priceless.

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