Lock down journal - 2020

Week 14 – lock down in 1434 words

Thunder and Lightening

We were woken just before 5 am this morning (Saturday) to the sound of thunder. It lasted right up until 9 am before moving out across the North Sea. I haven’t heard thunder claps like it in quite some time. There wasn’t much lightening (at least not to be seen), because there was a mist over the whole area at the time which no doubt hid the lightening flashes to a greater degree.

During the storm, the heavens opened and we had torrential rainfall. At the moment (1.15 pm), the mist has risen and the sun is trying to break through the clouds; it’s a little cooler but still feels very moist and wet outside. I’ve got a thumper of headache, but that’s not unusual—I always seem to get a bad headache either before, during or after a thunder storm. Something to do with air pressure apparently.

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Lock down journal - 2020

Week 13 – lock down in 1182 words

Do you find these current times still feel strange? To be honest, three months on and I’m still struggling with how ‘weird’ things seems most days.

It feels like the carefree world we once knew has been disconnected and we’ve been plugged into a different world—one where we need to be vigilant and watch out for an invisible enemy.

This virus is in effect “an attack on all humanity;” there is no other way to look at it; the whole world is laid vulnerable. I believe it was Nicola Sturgeon who said, “things should not feel ‘normal’ during lock down” and she was right; things definitely do not feel normal!

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Lock down journal - 2020, Nature photography

Week 12 – lock down in 1858 words

It’s been 12 weeks since lock down took effect on 23rd March 2020. Can you believe it’s been all this time? It feels like the hours have melted into days, and the days into weeks and months! Hubby and myself couldn’t make up our minds if it was Monday or Tuesday today! Turns out it’s Tuesday, 16th June. It ‘feels like’ a Saturday for some reason—goodness, no wonder I’m confused!

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Lock down journal - 2020

Week 11 – lock down in 1528 words

Pretty Roddiedendrum blossom

Early riser

There’s leaves and lots of small branches scattered all across the back garden this morning—a calling card left behind by the high wind which blew inland from across the North Sea last night. After opening the kitchen windows, it’s even more apparent that there’ll be no morning cuppa in the garden…. it’s just too cold outside! Not the best start to the day, but at least it’s not raining—yet! The forecast predicts rain and high winds late this afternoon…. and it’s forecast to continue for a few days at least.

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Lock down journal - 2020

Week 7 – lock down in 1314 words!

It’s been almost 2 months since we entered lock down here in the NE coast of Scotland.  The time has just flown by—no doubt helped by the fact that the weather’s been sunny and warm for the most part and we’ve been able to spend a lot of time outdoors in the garden.

This week however, the weather changed dramatically!  We had a drop in temperature over Saturday evening followed by snow flurries throughout the day on Sunday.  Tuesday seen a mixture of dry and wet spells with a really cold easterly wind; and the weather forecasters predict it will be -1°C in our area with more snow flurries for the rest of this week…. Brrrrr!  

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Lock down journal - 2020

Week 6 – lock down in 1009 words!

We’re currently at the end of week 6 re: lock down here on the NE coast of Scotland and just like last week, we are endeavouring to keep things as normal as possible.


At the start of the week, I went to the supermarket and bought the usual essentials…. fresh chicken, meat, bread, milk, margarine, cheese, flour, eggs, pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables, toiletries, etc.  After loading the car, I headed straight back home; I’d normally visit a few other shops whilst in town ‘under normal circumstances’, but these are not normal circumstances at the moment. 

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Lock down journal - 2020

Week 5 – lock down in 850 words!

We are currently at the end of week 5 re: lock down here in the NE of Scotland, and at home we are trying to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible given the circumstances.  Constantly washing our hands; shopping every 3 weeks to cut down on contact and travelling; plus disinfecting shopping before storing it away in cupboards and the fridge is not something I imagined myself doing at the start of the year…. in fact I’d have dismissed such as downright absurd!

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