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Happiness is homemade

Home made treats (canned items for Christmas)

Made 4 large jars of tomato chutney with excess tomatoes from the garden that I didn’t want to go to waste yesterday. Also canned some home grown beetroot a few weeks ago (there were another 2 jars, but they’ve been eaten already)!!! Hoping the remaining two jars of beetroot and these chutney jars will not be touched until Christmas! Why do I hear the words “Bob Hope, and “No hope” ringing in my ears? 😆

Finally, baked some cookies because you can’t have a cuppa without a cookie—at least not in this house. Ha ha…. these will last all of a few days.

Anyone else {dare I ask} starting to prepare for Christmas?

Recipe for Easy Tomato Chutney

Recipe for Pickled Beetroot

Everyday life, Food photography, Low light potography

It’s beginning to feel a lot like ‘autumn’

I am such an autumn person. Give me a quiet cosy spot with a simple view of gorgeous trees with colourful leaves on a crisp September day, fluffy socks, a warm drink, and a good book and I will be in my glory.

Kaelin McKenna
Bushes bending in the wind outside in the garden
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